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Camera Care Kit


The Camera Care Kit from Intova is a handy kit containing everything you need to finely clean optical surfaces, removing dust and dirt particles for spotless viewing

Torch Handstrap


The Torch Handstrap from Intova is a great and easy way to keep your torch handy whilst remaining hands free ideal for night/Cave dives or any other outdoor activities

Buddy Line


The AP Valves Buddy Line keeps you in constant contact with your dive partner in difficult conditions – poor visibility, in a rip current or when drift diving

Replacement Fin Strap


This are genuine Mares replacement rubber fin straps as supplied with most new fins are supplied as individual straps

Spring Straps – Open Heel Fins


The Spring Straps from Atomic are comfortable and practical straps designed for use on any Atomic Aquatics open heel fin including the popular SplitFin Smoke on Water fin

Display Shield for the Nemo Wide Computer


Display shield for the Nemo Wide Computer from Mares

Torch Clip Holder


The Intova Torch Clip Holder attaches to the Flex Arm from Intova and can hold Intova torches which is ideal for providing extra light to your photos and videos

60LB Lift Bag


The Hollis Lift Bag is just what you need to raise or mark items

Double Hose Retaining Clip


This Double Hose Retaining Clip can be used with Miflex Xtreme and Xtreme-Hi hoses

Din Dust Cap


Apek DIN Dust Caps are used to keep the 1st stage DIN of your regulator clean and keep out contaminants from the delicate mechanism inside

Blow Gun


The Scubapro Blow Gun can be used for drying equipment, removing sand, cleaning threads and grooves, and even inflating a flat tire or an inflatable boat

Compressed Gas Sticker


The Hydrotech compressed gas sticker is a warning sticker that should be displayed in all vehicles carry diving cylinders

Zip Tech


McNett Zip Tech is formulated to protect and lubricate all watertight and airtight zippers

Padded Mask Bag


Padded mask bag this is a much more compact option compared to a plastic mask box and takes up less room in your travel case or dive kit bag

Multi Tool


The Multi Tool from Seemann Sub is a compact all in one tool for travel perfect for keeping in your dive box or bag

Valve Attachment Tool


The Valve Attachment Tool from Si Tech has been designed to be used for mounting and dismounting exhaust and inflator valves

Silica Gel Packs


Silica gel packets from Intova are used to absorb and reduce any of the moisture found in air

Inflation Valve


The Si Tech Inflation Valve has an international nipple configuration, shell lid, large guide ridge and recessed inflation push button

Silicone Grease – 5g


Intova Silicone grease for use as a lubricant on the O-Rings, such as those in waterproof flashlights or waterproof camera housings

Exhaust Valve


Exhaust Valve from Si Tech is a high flow valve with star lid and has been designed to optimise buoyancy control which essentially increases the divers’ safety