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Category Archives: Scuba Clips and Lanyards



The Seemann Sub Snapper is a retractable clip for attaching your camera or light to prevent loss

High Force Retractor


The Cetacea High Force Retractor is a Stainless Steel Carbiner retractor with nylon coated Kevlar cable and has included split ring built to retain high levels of force

Claw Coil Lanyard


Stainless Steel wire gate with pinch clip quick release, coil lanyard (36") with fixed cord & barrel lock

Basic Coil Lanyard


This Cetacea lanyard is of a basic coil design with a clip fitted to a short webbing section on one end to attach to a BCD D-ring, a coiled section that provides the spring and retractor and another webbing section

Snap Bolt Coil Lanyard


Bronze snap quick release coil lanyard (36") with fixed cord and barrel lock

Quick Release Coil Lanyard


This Cetacea coiled lanyard features a quick release buckle that allows the lanyard to be secured back at it’s shortest length of the attached accessory is not needed

Retractor for SK8 Compass


The Suunto SK8 Compass Retractor quickly converts the wrist mounted SK8 to attach to your BCD

Carabiner Lanyard


The PADI Carabiner Lanyard is a small, light key lanyard with a split ring one end and an aluminium carabiner joined by a webbing strap

Universal Lanyard


The Seac Universal Lanyard is an adjustable wrist lanyard with a padded section for comfort around the wrist and a spring lock to adjust

Clip with Spiral


The Seac Clip with Spiral is a self retracting lanyard with a wire gate clip that will attach to a D-Ring on your BCD and a split ring with an additional nylon loop to attach to your camera or tool

Wrist Lanyard


The IST Wrist lanyard secures a range of dive equipment such as cameras, torches, slates, tools and reels to your wrist when in use

BC Octopus Holder


BC Velcro Octopus Holder with Fixed Cord by Cetacea

Retractor with Camera Mount


This Cetacea retractor is fitted with a standard thread tripod screw that is designed to fit into the base of most underwater camera housing and allows the camera to be grabbed, pulled out, the photo taken and released without fear

Plastic Snap Split Ring Assembly


This Cetacea clip has a simple plastic snap that allows quick attachment to D-rings on one end and a stainless steel split ring on the other that can be easily fitted to a number of diving accessories such as torches,

1 inch Split Rings Twin Pack


These Cetecea split rings can be used with a multitude of diving equipment or uses such as securing torches, combining slates, hose runners or used in conjunction with lanyards or clips and are made from a high grade stainless steel

BC Retractor


The Oceanic BCD Retractor can be used to mount your instrument console, light or other accessory to your BCD

Double End Stainless Steel Bolt Snap


Stainless Steel double end bolt bolt snap which are great for securing accessories

Stainless Steel Swivel Bolt Snap


Stainless steel swivelling bolt snap which are used for securing accessories and attaching sidemount or stage cylinders

Stainless Steel 122mm Round Eyelet Bolt Snap


Stainless steel 122mm long round eyelet bolt snap for securing accessories, stage cylinders and sidemount cylinders

Stainless Steel Bent 2 Inch D Ring


A stainless steel d-ring designed to be worn of the side of your belt