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Category Archives: Scuba Dive Computers

Geo 2,0 Dive Computer


The Oceanic Geo 2,0 is a full decompression, watch sized dive computer that supports in dive gas switching between two mixes of up to 100% oxygen, deep stop option, dual algorithm technology, user friendly user menu system and optional pc

Zoop CB Two In Line


The new CB Two In line includes the Zoop dive computer

Zoop Dive Computer


The Suunto Zoop is the Entry Level Computer that replaces the incredibly popular Gekko

Veo 3,0 Dive Computer


The Oceanic Veo 3,0 is an advanced wrist dive computer supporting up to 100% oxygen gas mixes with in dive switching between two mixes, easy menu mavigation use three buttons, firmware updates via optional PC interface and dual algorithm for

Veo 2,0 Dive Computer


The Oceanic Veo 2,0 is an an ideal first dive computer that supports nitrox diving using up to 50% oxygen that provides full decompression details, dual algorithm for flexible diving and optional PC interface

Veo 1,0 Dive Computer


The brand new Veo 1,0 is a low cost, entry level, dive computer which can be used with air or single gas nitrox mixes of up to 50 percent

OC1 Dive Computer


The Oceanic OC1 is a full decompression, watch sized dive computer with digital compass, wireless air integration, dot matrix display and dual algorithm support

HelO2 Dive Computer


The Suunto HelO2 is a technical dive computer and dive planner with a combination dot matrix screen and four button user inteface that will make your whole diving experience simpler and more flexible

Nemo Wide


The Nemo Wide dive computer from Mares was designed to be easy-to-read, intuitive to use, safe, and reliable

Talis Dive Computer


The TUSA Talis Dive Computer is a compact watch sized multi gas dive computer that can be worn during the dive and afterwards as a sports watch

Chromis Dive Computer


The Scubapro Chromis Dive Computer is a watch sized multi-sport dive computer that is at home 30m underwater on Nitrox or counting lengths in a pool

Mantis Dive Computer


The Scubapro Mantis Dive Computer is leading the way with an interactive algorithm that changes with your Heart Rate

Galileo Sol Computer


The UWATEC Galileo SOL including transmitter has an exclusive heart monitoring system, incorporating your heartbeat into work load and tailoring the decompression caluculations to your dive

Galileo Luna Computer


The Galileo Luna computer from Scubapro is a new addition to the Galileo Computer family

Newton Dive Computer


The Cressi Newton Dive Computer is a watch sized computer for any level of diver that can be worn everyday as a sports watch

Icon HD 4 Black Edition


The Mares Icon HD 4 Black Edition is a bright colour screen dive computer for any level of diver

Eon Steel and Transmitter Package


The Suunto EON Steel and Transmitter Package includes an EON Steel wrist computer and a wireless Tank Pod Transmitter to monitor your air pressure and usage during a dive

VTX Dive Computer With Transmitter


The Oceanic VTX Dive Computer is a great, bright colourful computer powered by an OLED colour display and Bluetooth technology

SMART Dive Computer


The Mares SMART Dive Computer is a watch sizes wrist computer that has won SCUBALAB’s Best Buy Award, full of features suitable for entry-advanced divers

Eon Steel Computer with Boot and USB


The Suunto Eon Steel Computer is a strongly built, wrist mounted, full colour screen personal dive computer that is suitable for all levels of diving