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Frog Plus Fins


The Cressi Frog Plus is an open heel fin that uses a channel style blade to concentrate the water that flows down the blade into a more efficient jet to propel the diver forward

Volo Power Fins


The Mares Volo fins feature: variable angle between the blade and foot pocket; expandable inserts for regulating and optimising the thrust angle; Compact blade, incorporating the channel thrust technology system for optimal channelling; Stabilizers to eliminate ankle torsion phenomena

X Stream Fin


The X-Stream fin from Mares is a brand new, adjustable, open footed scuba fin which is lightweight and comfortable with a new foot pocket and new blade construction for less turbulence in the water

Quattro Excel Plus


The Quattro Excel + from Mares rediscovers the roots of its noble ancestor, the Avanti Quattro

Jet Fins


The Scubapro Jet Fin is one of the toughest designs out there, prefered by Military / Commercial / Professional Divers accross the world for 50 years

SplitFin Smoke On Water


The Atomic Aquatics SplitFins ‘Smoke on the Water’ use a comparably lightweight compound that has high energy characteristics to lower energy use and increase effeciency

Slingshot Fin


Aqua Lung is excited to offer Slingshot – a revolutionary fin that will take the dive world by storm

Splitfin Full Foot Fin


The Atomic Aquatics Foot Fin are the full foot version of the incredibly popular open heel Atomic SplitFin and has all of the same features in a lighter format

Reaction Pro Fins


The Cressi Reaction Pro are a full foot fin that utilise flexble sections in the blade to form a channel to focus the water as it flows done the blade

Vortex V16 Fins


Speed, comfort, and maneuverability; you can have it all with the Vortex V-16

Avanti Superchannel Full Foot


Following in a long tradition of excellent full foot fins the Mares Avanti superchannel full foot fins are the latest evolution in channel thrust technology

RK3 Fins


The Apeks RK3 Fins are super hard wearing thermoplastic rubber fins designed in collaboration with military and public service divers for performance and reliability in the hardest conditions

GP100 4×4 Fins


The Seac GP100 4×4 Fins are an advanced set of fins made from a dual material technopolymer blade with a thermoplastic rubber foot pocket

Fuga Fins


The Seac Fuga Fins are a channeled dual material blade fin constructed from a technopolymer with a thermoplastic rubber foot pocket

F 100 Pro Fins


The Seac F100 Pro Fins are an efficient dual material technopolymer fin with a thermoplastic foot pocket

Propulsion Fins


The Seac Propulsion Fins are a channeled dual material blade fin constructed from a technopolymer with a thermoplastic rubber foot pocket

Seawing Nova Fins


The Scubapro Seawing Nova Fin combines paddle fin power, acceleration and maneuverability with a split fin’s effortless efficiency and comfort

Viper Full Foot Fins


The Oceanic Viper Full Foot Fins are a lightweight pair of fins with a channel style blade design that offer excellent propulsion for snorkellers and divers without the bulk and weight which makes them perfect for travelling

Accel Fins


The Oceanic Accel are a short blade, lightweight fin that were initially designed to complement the range of other travel diving equipment produced by Aeris such as the Jetpack BCD

Travel Max Fins


The Sub Gear Travel Max Fins are very lightweight fins designed for snorkelling and use a pre-shaped channel blade and soft open heel foot pocket with a silicone strap for comfortable bare foot use or with a finsock