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FS2 Compass and Retractor


The FS2 Compass with boot and retractor can be easily attached to your BCD rather than worn on the wrist

Contents Depth Gauge and Compass


This gauge is a two plus one instrument combo from Apeks which is identical to the two gauge console but also includes a compass on the reverse

Contents Gauge and Depth Gauge


The Contents gauge and depth gauge from Apeks is a two gauge console housed in a specially designed case and comes with a high pressure hose

Contents Gauge and Hose


This contents (pressure) gauge is a brand new, very accurate gauge from Apeks which uses an internal Bourdon pressure measuring mechanism to provide clear information on the gas contents of your cylinder

CB Double in Line


Large depth gauge to 70m, 350bar pressure gauge (suitable for up to 300) and SK-7 compass on rear

CB Double (pressure and compass on rear)


Back to back gauges offering pressure gauge (300bar) with SK7 compass on rear

CB Three in line Console


The Suunto CB Three in Line usea a large depth gauge to 70m, 350bar pressure gauge and SK-7analogue compass

SM36 Pressure Gauge


The Suunto Compact Pressure Gauge is an easy to read strong SPG with a phosphorescent dial face with a safety-pin-type bourdon tube and a gear mechanism, which provide outstanding accuracy and durability

CB Two (Pressure and Compass)


The Suunto CB Two includes the SM36 pressure gauge and the SK7 analogue compass arranged in an inline format within a modular design housing that allows additional modules to be added such as an SM16 depth gauge or dive computer

CB Two in line (Pressure and Depth)


The Suunto CB Two in Line console has an SM36 pressure gauge and an SM16 depth gauge housed within a modular design shell that allows the diver to remove or add modules including the range of full size Suunto dive

Digital 330m Depth Timer


The Scubapro Digital 330m builds on this world renowned, unique instrument, the new digital dive timer has been updated with advanced dive computer technology

CB One (Pressure)


The Suunto CB One has a submersible pressure gauge mounted within a modular design housing that allows the additional and modification of the layout by adding extra gauge or dive computer modules as needed

Clipper Compass


Clipper will find your way both under water and on land

SPG Console with Carbon HD HP Hose


The Miflex SPG with Carbon HD Hose is a low profile, light weight, compact submersable pressure gauge perfect for a streamlined, simple set up

SK8 Wrist Compass


The Suunto SK-8 is a high-quality liquid filled compass that has set a new standard for dive compasses

SK8 Console End Mount


The Suunto SK-8 Console End Mount will allow you to attach the SK-8 Compass to the end of any Suunto CB In-Line Gauges or Cobra Computer by replacing the end cap

SK8 Compass Capsule Northern Hemisphere


The Suunto SK-8 is a high-quality liquid filled compass that has set a new standard for dive compasses

SK8 Compass with Bungee Mount


The Suunto SK-8 is a high-quality liquid filled compass that has set a new standard for dive compasses

SWIV Wrist Compass


The Oceanic SWIV Compass is a large, easy to read wrist compass which compensates for tilt

Miniature Pony Indicator


The Apeks Miniature Pony Indicator is a button pressure gauge measuring 23mm in diameter that is designed to be fitted to redundant air supplies such as a pony or similar system that do not need constant monitoring during a dive