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Category Archives: Scuba Knives

X-Pert II Titanium Knife


The FK-940ti X-Pert II Knife from Tusa has been made from high quality titanium and can be easily disassembled for cleaning and maintenance

X-Pert II Point Knife


The FK-910 X-Pert II Point Knife from Tusa has been made from a high quality, corrosion resistant Stainless Steel and can be easily disassembled for cleaning and maintenance

Mako Stainless Steel Knife


The Mako Stainless Steel Knife from Scubapro is constructed from 304-grade hard-tempered stainless steel, providing an excellent cutting edge and good resistance to surface oxidation

Mako Titanium Knife


The Mako Titanium Knife incorporates a multi-function blade with a highly-durable cutting edge

Mini Knife


The TUSA Mini knife is a compact and lightweight knife that is designed to be fitted to either the BCD inflator hose or clipped over a webbing strap or into the pocket of a pocket

Force Snap Knife


The Force Snap Knife from Mares is a functional butterfly-type knife that can be hooked anywhere it’s needed

Spinner Knife


The Oceanic OceanPro Spinner Knife is a simple and effective BCD dive knife that can attach to any Oceanic BCD with a knife mount

White Tip Knife


The Scubapro White Tip is a compact knife that can be attached to any hose, most convenient for your diving style

Aquatys Dive Knife


The Maniago Aquatys is a leg mounted diving knife has a 12cm long blade that uses a high grade AISI 420 stainless steel which provides a high degree of corrosion resistance and can achieve a highly polished finish

TS05 Cutter


The Maniago TS05 is a dedicated line cutter with a stainless steel serrated blade housed within a plastic looped handle that can be quickly and easily grabbed when needed

K5 Knife


The Scubapro K5 Knife has an 11cm stainless steel blade with fine hollow ground cutting edge, opposite serrated edge and a notch for line cutting

Shark 9 Knife


The Maniago Shark 9 is a smaller, blunt tip leg mounted knife that has a 8cm long stainless steel blade with a serrated cutting edge on one side and a line cutter on the other

K6 Knife


K6 Knife: The longest and more complete SCUBAPRO knife, featuring all what you expect from a diving knife

Imprex Knife


The TUSA Imprex is a leg mounted knife that is available in point and blunt tip blade configurations, both of which feature a cutting edge, serrated edge and line cutting notch

Trauma Shears with Sheath


The Hollis Trauma Shears are a safer alternative to a conventional dive knife as there are no sharp points or edges to damage yourself or your equipment

Argonaut Dive Knife


The AquaLung Argonaut Dive Knife combines simplicity with rugged materials for one of the best and toughest dive knives on the market

Rip Race Knife


The Seac Rip Race Knife is a small drop point blade with a single serrated / curved edge with a full tang

Rip Tek Knife


The Seac Rip Tek Knife is a compact drop point, hollow ground dive knife with a single cutting edge on the martensitic steel blade

Katan Knife


The Seac Katan Knife is a solid primary dive knife made from stainless steel with a clip point, serrated edge and a line cutter

Katan Daga Knife


The Seac Katan Daga Knife is a spear point dive knife made from special tempered stainless steel with a long cutting edge and a half serrated edge