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M1 Mask


The Hollis M1 Mask provides every thing that you could want in a diving mask, ultra low profile design, super soft superior quality silicone skirt, frameless construction for improved field of vision and reduced weight and optical grade glass for

Big Eyes Evolution Crystal Mask


The Cressi Crystal Big Eyes Evolution has a more advanced skirt when compared to the standard Big Eyes Mask

X-Vu Liquidskin Mask


The Mares X-Vu Liquidskin is a two lens mask using Mares liquid skin technology that provides both structure to the mask but is soft against the face for fantastic comfort

Crystal Vu Mask


The Scubapro Crystal Vu mask is a three pane design with side panes for increase field of view and improve light transmittance and it finished using an exclusive metallic paint process

Platina Mask


The Platina Mask from Tusa has been designed to improve the divers field of vision by removing the inner frame and attaching the lens directly to the frame to create a super-slim mask

Pro Ear Mask


The Pro Ear Mask from IST is for divers who have difficulty in equalising and problems with ear infections regardless of experience

Splendive II


The TUSA Splendive II Mask features a 2-window design with wide field of vision and light weight for comfort

Essence Liquidskin Mask


The Essence Liquidskin from Mares is from their LiquidSkin range where silicone and glass come together and blend to create a mask that is truly one of a kind

Minus Lens – Ceos Geminus and Splendive Masks


Single minus corrective lens to fit TUSA Ceos, Geminus, Splendive IV or Splendive II masks

Plus Lens – Ceos Geminus and Splendive Masks


Plus corrective lens to fit TUSA Ceos, Geminus, Splendive IV or Splendive II masks

Bifocal Lens – Ceos Geminus and Splendive Masks


Bifocal lens to fit TUSA Ceos, Geminus, Splendive IV or Splendive II masks

Plus Lens – TUSA Platina Mask


Plus Corrective lens to fit TUSA Platina mask (but NOT the Platina Hyperdry mask)

Matrix Mask


Following the revolutionary principles introduced by Big Eyes, the Matrix establishes new records

Micro Mask


The Micromask is a revolution in mask design – Its innovative, patented structure makes it possible for the lenses to fit in the ocular orbit

Teknika Mask


The Teknika diving mask is a solid, robust mask with technical divers in mind

Shadow Mask


The Shadow Mask from Oceanic is a frameless, single lens diving mask with a huge field of vision that can fold almost flat and comes with an adjustable neoprene strap already fitted

Frameless Mask


The Scubapro Frameless Mask utilises the classic frameless design with an unique system of assembling lens and skirt without any frame which reduces the weight and size

Minus Lens – Powerview


These minus corrective lens are designed to specifically fir the TUSA Powerview Mask and are sold as single lenses so please be sure to add both a left and right lens to your basket when ordering

Powerview Mask


The TUSA Powerview mask is a slightly larger twin lens design mask that is compatible with replacement prescription lenses

Frameless Midi Mask


The Atomic Aquatics Frameless Midi Mask uses the same technology as the standard Frameless Mask but with a narrower skirt which is more suitable for ladies