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Category Archives: Scuba PADI Materials

IDC Candidate Crewpak


The PADI Instructor Development Course Crewpack contains all of the essential materials for Instructor candidates to complete their IDC and IE and includes all of the cue cards and slates that you will need to teach each of the courses

Ultimate Open Water Diver Crewpack


This new ultimate Open Water Crewpack from Padi includes the How to Choose and Use a Dive Computer book along with open water diver manual, DVD, log book and student record file

Guide To Teaching Manual


Guide to Teaching Manual from Padi designed for assistant instructors and Instructor candidates

Adventures in Diving with SMB and Whistle Crewpack


Crewpak includes manual, data carrier slate a SMB, whistle and decal

Course Emblems


The PADI course emblems allow you to wear your certification level with pride, stitch it to your favourite diving top, undersuit or stick it to any surface you like

Adventure Log Binder


The PADI Adventure Log Binder is your store for a lifetime of diving adventures

Bubblemaker Crewpack


The Bubblemaker Crewpack from Padi provides children with a memento of their visit to the scuba diving world and is full of fun bits such as a certificate, temporary tattoo and a action figure

Diver Logbook


This is the standard PADI paper backed logbook that is available in two versions, a blue option includes training record in the front and also a red option includes only dives log pages

Rescue Diver Manual


The Padi Rescue Diver Manual, in conjunction with the Rescue Diver Course, teaches you about self rescue, recognising and managing stress in other divers, emergency management and equipment and also rescuing panicked and unresponsive divers

Open Water Manual with RDP Table


The PADI UK Open Water manual from PADI includes RDP Table (metric) for use with the new PADI Open Water Diver curriculum

Adventures in Diving Manual


The PADI Adventures in Diving Manual includes information on the wide variety of Adventure Dives which may be undertaken as part of the Advanced Open Water Diver Programme

Recreational Dive Planner NITROX


Double sided enriched air nitrox slates for dive planning on the most common mixes to allow you to extend your bottom times

Diving Knowledge Workbook


This 2nd edition self-study guide helps you evaluate and enhance your understanding of recreational diving and covers the following topics:- Physics- Decompression theory- The aquatic environment- Equipment- Physiology- Dive planningThe Diving Knowledge workbook lets you:- Determine your level of understanding-

Scuba Tune Up Manual


Scuba Tune Up is a learner-controlled guidebook designed to help you get back into diving and keep your knowledge in top shape

Gas Blender Manual


The Gas Blender Manual from PADI

Tec Trimix Diver Manual


The Padi Tec Trimix Diver Manual, in conjunction with the course, allows already experienced technical divers to explore trimix gas blends and go beyond the 50m boundary

Tec Dive Planning Checklist Slates


The PADI Tec Dive Planning Checklist Slates provide a handy reference guide for use with the PADI TecRec qualification courses

TecRec Planning Slate


The PADI TecRec Planning Slate is used to calculate gas blends, reserve amounts and gsa switch depths

Tec Deep Stop Calculation Table


The PADITec Deep Stop Calculation Table in metric format for use with the PADI Tec Deep Diver and Trimix Diver courses

TecRec Equipment Setup and Key Skills DVD


The TecRec Equipment Setup and Key Skills DVD from Padi