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Nomad Weight Plate


Nomad divers who need to add weight to their rig will want the new Nomad Weight Plate

Single Tank Adapter With Bolts and Nuts


The Single Tank Adapter includes bolts and nuts and fits on your back plate

Elite II Harness System


The Hollis Elite II harness offers the minimalistic benefits of a technical harness with a strong webbing system, adjustable D-rings and extensive size variance and also the flexibility and easy of use of a BCD

Mask Pocket


Bellowed velcro pocket for easy access and compact fit

Utility Pocket


The Hollis Utility Pocket has a bellowed velcro pocket for easy access and compact fit

Stainless Steel Backplate


This Hollis backplate is made from 316 grade stainless steel plate, is hand deburred and electropolished for a perfect finish

Aluminium Backplate


This Hollis Backplate is made from 5052 aluminium plate with a black anodised finish for extra protection

Solo Harness System


The Hollis Solo Harness uses a single piece of two inch webbing to make up this simple diving harness

Crotch Strap


The Crotch Strap from Dive Rite has been designed to fasten a harness and backplate to a divers body and reduces likelihood of gear slipping upwards on the body which can cause the tank to hit the back of your

WSX-25 Sidemount Harness


The Apeks WSX-25 Sidemount Harness is a one-size-fits-all sidemount rig with a low profile wrap-around bladder with a customisable 2" webbing harness

Regulator Necklace


The Dive Rite Regulator Necklace is an adjustable elasticated necklace to hold a second stage under your chin when diving so you know it is always close to hand

KS01 Sidemount Vest


The Seac KS01 Sidemount Vest is a one-size-fits-all side mount BCD with a minimal harness for full freedom of movement and flexibility

KS10 Sidemount Vest


The SEAC KS10 Sidemount Vest is a low profile, fully adjustable side mount BCD made with tough outer materials and a minimalistic harness system that improoves freedom of movement

SMS 75 Harness


The Hollis SMS 75 Harness is a low-profile, tough, versatile Side-Mount BCD for use in all environments

S25 LX Wing


The Hollis S25 LX is the smallest donut style wing that Hollis currently produce which offers 25lbs (111N) of lift and has bee redesigned slightly from the original S25 wing to include a new 1680D cordura outer bladder with identifiable

S38 LX Wing


The Hollis S38 LX Wing was developed and tested by technical divers and 3 years in the making

C45 LX Wing


The Hollis C45 LX Wing is a 45lbs light (20Kg / 200N) 360 degree donut style wing with internal retractor system to help reduce drag and snag risks

C60 LX Wing


The Hollis C60 LX is a larger 360 degree (donut) style wing delivering 60lbs (267N) of lift, is designed for heavier twinset configurations and features a heavy duty outer lining with separate inner bladder, centrally located corrugated hose elbow for

SMS 100 Weight Plate


A weight system designed for the SMS100 sidemount harness makes a perfect accessory for those with additional weight requirements

Stabilizing Plates


The Stainless Steel Stabilizing Plates from Dive Rite have been designed to secure a Transpac harness and wing to a set of double tanks meaning a hard backplate is not needed