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Nova HD Sports Camera


The Intova NOVA HD Sports Camera is a small robust action camera that can record in 1080p and is waterproof down to 60 meters with one of the best battery lives in the industry across the market

Edge X Dive Camera


The Intova Edge X is a waterproof HD video sports camera capable of recording your dives in full 1080p down to 60m straight out of the box

Micro HD Camera


The SeaLife Micro HD Camera is a 13 megapixel photo and video camera, capable of filming in full 1080p HD video, all in a permanently sealed housing to reduce leaks to a minimum

Hero4 Silver Camera


The GoPro HERO4 Silver Edition delivers 1080p60 HD video with the first ever built in touch display

Hero4 Black Camera


The GoPro Hero4 is the fourth generation of the ground-breaking tougher than tough GoPro camera range

DC1400 Sea Dragon Pro Set


The SeaLife DC1400 Dragon Pro Set includes the 14MP DC1400 digital camera and housing, a single arm tray, Sea Dragon digital underwater flash and an optical flash link

DC1400 Sea Dragon Pro Duo Set


The SeaLife DC1400 Sea Dragon Pro Duo Set includes the 14MP DC1400 Digital Camera, a Sea Dragon Flash with a flash link optical cable and also Sea Dragon 2000 Lumen Photo/Video Light on a dual arm Flex-Connect tray

SP10K Camera


The Intova SP10K, or Sport 10K, is a great and affordable sports camera that is waterproof to 40m and shoots 10MP photos

DC1400 HD Camera with Diffuser


The SeaLife DC1400 underwater camera is a brand new HD camera that replaces the DC1200