Wet suits work by trapping a thin layer of water next to your skin, choose one which is snug but not too tight... More »


Your dive mask is probably your most important piece of kit so you want to pick the right one... More »


Scuba diving fins allow divers to propel themselves underwater efficiently, the fins, accessories and replacement parts... More »


Black Witch


The new Black Witch black ‘toulene free formula’ is a quick drying adhesive suitable for quick repairs of neoprene rips and tears and especially suitable for neoprene butt end jointing of seams or edges, where rubber is directly bonded together

Wreck Diver Speciality Manual


The PADI Wreck Diver Speciality Manual accompanies the Wreck Diver course to make you aware of some of the hazards associated with wreck diving, techniques you’ll use, how to research and map a wreck and some tip and advice regarding

Visio Tri-ex Mask


The Visio Tri-ex Mask from Tusa is an ultra-wide panoramic view three-lens mask designed to increase the field of view and improve safety

Snorkeling Vest


High visability adults snorkeling vest that can be inflated and deflated whilst snorkeling

Knife Strap – Pair


This is a replacement 45 cm long knife strap from IST which is made from a high quality rubber and it fitted with a plastic buckle and rubber loop to hold the excess strap

Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving


To better enjoy the underwater world, you must understand it

Clipper Compass


Clipper will find your way both under water and on land

Whales and Dolphins


Whales and porpoises have captivated humans since the days of the antiquity

Aqua Powder


Submerge Aqua Powder for Dry and wetsuits is an purpose seal powder in a shaker

Aqua Braces


The Submerge Aqua Braces are a do it yourself braces kit for drysuits containing braces, four attachment tabs, adhesive and fitting instructions

Flexible Foam Hanger


The Flexible Foam hanger from Mares is ideal to hang your wet suit or other equipment in areas that need protection

Mens Professional Diver Watch


The Citizen Eco-drive is a very nice addition to the promaster range of professional divers watches

Avanti Superchannel Full Foot


Following in a long tradition of excellent full foot fins the Mares Avanti superchannel full foot fins are the latest evolution in channel thrust technology

Nemo Wide


The Nemo Wide dive computer from Mares was designed to be easy-to-read, intuitive to use, safe, and reliable

Platina II Hyperdry


The SP170 Platina II Hyperdry Snorkel from TUSA has a hyperdry system on the top of the snorkel with three current rectifying plates that deflect water from entering the snorkel

Neoprene Mask Strap Wrapper


The Neoprene Mask Strap Wrapper from TUSA is a soft neoprene strap cover that prevents hair from tangling and adds comfort whilst wearing your mask

Padded Pocket Weight Belt


The Scubapro Padded Multi-Pocket Weight Belt has a grip strip on the rear to ensure it will not slip down

Aqua Sure Glue


McNett Aqua Sure Glue offers flexible repair for wet suits, dry suits and other water sports products

Tank Seat


Tank Seat from Submerge is a simple and effective way to stabilise your tanks when travelling

Mouthpiece – Clear


The IST Mouthpiece is a clear silicone replacement mouthpiece that will fit the majority of regulator brands