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Flight Stage 4 Set – Pink


The Apeks Flight Stage 4 set includes the pink Flight regulator, Flight Octopus, and pewter double gauge

Flight Stage 4 Set – Pewter


The Apeks Flight Stage 4 set includes the pewter Flight regulator, Flight Octopus, and pewter double gauge

Guide To Teaching Manual


Guide to Teaching Manual from Padi designed for assistant instructors and Instructor candidates

Ultimate Open Water Diver Crewpack


This new ultimate Open Water Crewpack from Padi includes the How to Choose and Use a Dive Computer book along with open water diver manual, DVD, log book and student record file

Divers Watch – 1000m


This mens Divers Watch from Apeks is water resistant to 1000 metres making it the ultimate diving watch

Chrono Watch With Rubber Strap – 100m


The Chronograph watch from Apeks is water resistant to 100 metres and has a stainless steel case with a rotating, one way bezel

Contents Depth Gauge and Compass


This gauge is a two plus one instrument combo from Apeks which is identical to the two gauge console but also includes a compass on the reverse

Contents Gauge and Depth Gauge


The Contents gauge and depth gauge from Apeks is a two gauge console housed in a specially designed case and comes with a high pressure hose

Contents Gauge and Hose


This contents (pressure) gauge is a brand new, very accurate gauge from Apeks which uses an internal Bourdon pressure measuring mechanism to provide clear information on the gas contents of your cylinder

SMS 100 Sidemount Harness


The SMS100 Sidemount System was designed not just with the sidemount cave divers in mind, but any diver

Single Tank Adapter With Bolts and Nuts


The Single Tank Adapter includes bolts and nuts and fits on your back plate

CB Double in Line


Large depth gauge to 70m, 350bar pressure gauge (suitable for up to 300) and SK-7 compass on rear

Seamist CV Womens Drysuit


The Womens Seamist Drysuit from Typhoon is a great budget neoprene drysuit to keep you dry and warm in the coldest waters

M1 Mask


The Hollis M1 Mask provides every thing that you could want in a diving mask, ultra low profile design, super soft superior quality silicone skirt, frameless construction for improved field of vision and reduced weight and optical grade glass for

321 Balanced Octopus


The Hollis 321 Octopus is a pneumatically balanced alternate second stage that will deliver plenty of air at any depth and is the perfect addition to any set of regulators

212 DC-1 Regulator


The Hollis 212 DC1 is the the peak of 30 years of regulator design experience with a pneumatically balanced 2nd stage paired with a swivel 1st stage; designed to be the best in world for performance

CB Double (pressure and compass on rear)


Back to back gauges offering pressure gauge (300bar) with SK7 compass on rear

60LB Lift Bag


The Hollis Lift Bag is just what you need to raise or mark items

Mask Pocket


Bellowed velcro pocket for easy access and compact fit

Utility Pocket


The Hollis Utility Pocket has a bellowed velcro pocket for easy access and compact fit