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Salina MD Junior Mask and Snorkel Set


Seac Sub’s Salina MD Snorkeling set is ideal for children and features a small version of the Salina Mask and a small sized snorkel with comfortable mouthpiece for kids

Salina Set


The Seac Salina Set combines the single lens Salina mask with the Bora HD snorkel which has a lower purge valve that will expel any water in the snorkel out of the bottom whenever your exhale

Zenith MD Junior Mask and Snorkel Set


The Zenith MD Mask and Snorkel Set is ideal for kids who want to go snorkeling on holiday and features a junior version of the Zenith Mask and the Fiji Snorkel from Seac Sub

Fusion MD Junior Mask and Snorkel Set


The Fusion MD Mask and Snorkel Set from Seac Sub is a kids snorkeling set that features a small sized version of the Fusion Mask and the children’s Fiji Snorkel

Zenith Set


The Seac Zenith Set combines the single lens Zenith mask with a snorkel with a lower dump valve and a top with a wave deflector that will keep water away from your mouth so you can breath easy

Fusion Set


The Seac Fusion Set combines the twin lens fusion mask with a snorkel with a lower dump valve and a wave deflector top to keep water from entering your mouth

Seaflex Snorkel


The Seaflex Snorkel from Seac Sub is very popular among recreational and advanced divers and is made from 100% Silicone

Jet Snorkel


The Seac Jet Snorkel is a simple rigid PVC snorkel with a prebent mouthpiece and no purge valves which make it idea for advanced snorkellers and in water rescue breaths

K2 HD Snorkel


The Seac K2 HD Snorkel is a rigid tube snorkel with a comprehensive splash guard on top to deflect any waves away from the main opening

Fast Tech Snorkel


The Seac Fast Tech Snorkel is a rigid tube snorkel with a splash guard on the top to deflect waves away from the openning and a purge valve at the bottom with a water trap that will expel any water

Vortex Snorkel


The Vortex Snorkel from Seac Sub has a flexible hose on the bottom half with a purge valve that allows any water that gets into the hose to drain away without you breathing it in

Salina Mask


The Seac Salina Mask is a single lens mask with a hypoallergenic silicone skirt

X-Frame Evo Mask


The Seac X-Frame Mask with a large single lens and super soft liquid silicone skirt with tempered glass

Extreme Mask


The Seac Extreme Mask is a hypoallergenic mask with seac’s liquid silicone skirt and dual tempered glass lenses

L70 Mask


The Seac L70 Mask is a semi frameless, low volume mask with a very minimal frame for easy equalising while diving or free diving

One Mask


The Seac One Mask is a low volume, hypoallergenic mask with a liquid silicone skirt and dual tempered glass lenses

Hero Mask


The Seac Hero Mask has an ultra clear liquid silicone skirt and tempered glass lenses

Speed Fins


The Seac Speed Fins are a neat, short fin with tri-material construction and channeling similar to a split fin, perfect for snorkelling or swimming

Sprint Fins


The Seac Sprint Fins are a simple adjustable short fin that can accommodate a wide range of shoe sizes

Fuga Fins


The Seac Fuga Fins are a channeled dual material blade fin constructed from a technopolymer with a thermoplastic rubber foot pocket