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Scuba diving fins allow divers to propel themselves underwater efficiently, the fins, accessories and replacement parts... More »


Complete Dry Glove System


The Kubi Complete Dry Glove System use a simple, durable aluminium ring system that allow for a watertight connection to your dry glove

SMS 75 Harness


The Hollis SMS 75 Harness is a low-profile, tough, versatile Side-Mount BCD for use in all environments

Scrubber Filter Paper


The Hollis Scrubber Filter Paper or Scrim, fits into the Carbon Dioxide Scrubber and prevents scrubber material dust from falling out of the scrubber unit

Angled Clip Headband for XS100


The Exposure Marine Angled Clip Headband is the perfect accompanyment for your XS100 light; giving you hands free use to help you kit up, move around and navigate with ease

Arctic Expedition One Piece Undersuit


The Fourth Element Arctic Expedition One Piece Undersuit combines the best selling Arctic Undersuit with material from the Thermocline and Bio-mapping from the Halo 3D

Arctic Expedition Top


The Fourth Element Arctic Expedition Top combines the best selling Arctic Undersuit with material from the Thermocline and Bio-mapping from the Halo 3D

Arctic Expedition Leggings


The Fourth Element Arctic Expedition Leggings combines the best selling Arctic Undersuit with material from the Thermocline and Bio-mapping from the Halo 3D

XS100 Dive Light


The Exposure Marine XS100 Dive Light is a tough little backup torch, waterproof to 100 meters and made from anodised aluminium so you can clip it to your BCD and forget about it until it’s needed

Black Sapphire Regulator


The Apeks Black Sapphire Regulator is the Limited Edition 40th Anniversary regulator suitable for frequent use in cold or contaminated waters

Edge X Dive Camera


The Intova Edge X is a waterproof HD video sports camera capable of recording your dives in full 1080p down to 60m straight out of the box

Ceos Pro Mask


The TUSA Ceos Pro Mask has the same design and features as the best-selling Ceos Mask but with CrystalView optical glass lenses treated with a proprietary anti-reflective (A/R) and ultraviolet (U/V) coating

Novascotia 7,5mm Mens Semidry Steamer


The Scubapro Novascotia 7

Nova 700 Torch


The Scubapro NOVA 700 is a tough primary dive torch that is brighter than most of it’s counterparts on the market in it’s price range

Nova 700R Torch


The Scubapro Nova 700R is a technical dive torch that is designed for improved power and durability over other torches in it’s price range

CO2 Monitor


The Hollis CO2 Monitor measures the amount of CO2 passing through your scrubber unit; advising you how much time your scrubber has left before it needs to be replaced and if there are any faults

Micro HD Camera


The SeaLife Micro HD Camera is a 13 megapixel photo and video camera, capable of filming in full 1080p HD video, all in a permanently sealed housing to reduce leaks to a minimum

Fusion Octopus


The Mares Fusion Octopus is the perfect accompaniment for the Fusion 52X Regulator with a lightweight, adjustable and advanced design

SMART Dive Computer


The Mares SMART Dive Computer is a watch sizes wrist computer that has won SCUBALAB’s Best Buy Award, full of features suitable for entry-advanced divers

Fusion 52X Regulator


The Mares Fusion 52X Regulator is a lightweight balanced diaphragm regulator that combines features from all Mares regulators into one that is designed for customisable breathing and longterm use

Viper Full Foot Fins


The Oceanic Viper Full Foot Fins are a lightweight pair of fins with a channel style blade design that offer excellent propulsion for snorkellers and divers without the bulk and weight which makes them perfect for travelling