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Fluida Pirate Junior Set


The Mares Fluida Pirate Junior Set is designed and made specifically for children

Coral Pirate Junior Set


Childs Coral Pirate Junior Set is a three part set including mask, snorkel and fins

Vento Junior Set


The Mares Vento Junior Set is ideal for children with its compact mask and smaller mouthpiece purging snorkel

Pirate Junior Set


The Mares Pirate Junior Set contains the Pirate mask and Fiji Junior snorkel, both of which are designed and specifically sized for children to improve comfortable and enjoyment without compromising on quality

Fiji Junior Snorkel


The Mares Fiji Junior Snorkel is specifically designed for children with a shorter length and smaller mouthpiece to make snorkelling more comfortable and enjoyable

Vento Junior Mask


The Mares Vento Junior Mask is a strong reliable single lens childrens diving mask with a double seal skirt to reduce leaks and increase comfort and many other features of top-range masks

Pirate Junior Mask


The Mares Pirate junior mask is a full diving grade mask for kids with 100% silicone skirt, tempered glass lenses and a design based around the Mares X-Vision mask

Fluida Vento Set


Fluida Vento Set comprises of a mask, purging snorkel and set of full foot fins which fit directly onto your foot

Vento Set


The Mares Vento Set is an adult mask and snorkel set that combines the low profile and lightweight Vento mask with a snorkel that is fitted with a wave deflector and purge valve for convenience and enjoyment

Wahoo Set


The Mares Wahoo Set includes an adults dive grade mask and snorkel

Marea Set


The Mares Marea Snorkeling Set is an adult mask and snorkel set consisting of the low profile and lightweight Marea mask and a mid range snorkel with wave deflector and purge valve

Vento Mask


The Mares Vento is compact, lightweight and very low profile mask with a frames single lens design that can be folded and stowed into an incredibly thin space thanks to the low profile frame and buckle system

Wahoo Mask


The Mares Wahoo mask is an incredible value for money snorkelling mask that is based on the very popular Mares X-Vision mask and has a lot of the features that made it such a great mask including it’s unique frame

Coral Junior Fins


The Mares Coral Junior fins are lightweight compact open heel fins designed for kids and cover a larger foot using the soft fit open heel adjustable strap design

Manta Fins


The Mares Manta fins are a lightweight snorkeling fin with soft full foot pocket and flexible channel style blade

Cruise Classic Bag


The Mares Cruise Classic is a simple, convenient and tough duffle style dive bag that is made from heavy weight and durable materials

Force Nano Plus Knife


Force Nano Plus Knife is a compact blunt tipped dive knife with ergonomic handle from Mares

Force Plus Knife


The Mares Force Plus Knife has an ergonomic handle offer perfect grip with or without gloves, a PVD coated stainless steel blade for longevity featuring a serrated edge, cutting edge and line cutter

X-Vision Mask


The Mares X-Vision mask is a unique and revolutionary design, combined with innovative technical solutions, result in a scuba mask with comfort that goes unmatched, while increasing field of vision in all directions

X-Vision Liquid Skin


The new Mares X-Vision Liquidskin mask just got even better with both cosmetic and design changes that improve the field of vision, skirt strength and integrity and overal look of the mask